Room Divider – Emerald Memory II

Transform your space effortlessly with Room Divider – Emerald Memory II. Ideal for bedrooms, living rooms, and commercial areas like hotels and restaurants, these folding room dividers offer both style and functionality. Made in the EU, they are available in single-sided, double-sided, and acoustic versions, providing privacy, noise reduction, and a stunning aesthetic appeal.

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Room Dividers Tailored to Your Needs

There is no better way to combine aesthetic values and practical solutions in interior design than by choosing Room Divider – Emerald Memory II. A few decades ago, it used to be a must-have in every stylish household. Today, such dividers are not as necessary as before, but they have not lost their charm, beauty, and chic character. They are perfect for every style and, when placed in the right spot, can complete the design and highlight its most important elements. But they are still functional, as screens like Room Divider – Emerald Memory II can effectively separate two spaces in one room, creating an isolated place to work, focus, relax, or have fun without disturbing other family members. These dividers are irreplaceable in small flats, but they can also work wonders in open-plan, large houses, as everyone sometimes needs a bit of solitude. Pick Room Divider – Emerald Memory II if you want to quickly but temporarily change the design of your interior or separate a bit of space for some time, and you will see that it will change everything. They are perfect for use in bedrooms, living rooms, and commercial spaces like hotels, restaurants, and beauty salons.

Room Dividers in Bedroom and Living Room

A Room Separator for Everybody

Choosing the best room separator like Room Divider – Emerald Memory II is not a challenge, as they are available in different versions. The motif you adore can easily decorate your interior, no matter your needs and preferences. Screens like Room Divider – Emerald Memory II can become a stylish element of interior design placed in the middle of a room, especially if it’s a double-sided version with a pattern on both sides. You can easily place such a separator close to a wall and choose a one-sided version with a beautiful motif printed on one side. Ideas for using these dividers do not end here, however. Another option is to pick versions with a soundproof surface that will truly isolate two spaces, not only visually. It’s a great solution for creating a play space for children in a common living room.

Technical Specifications

Single-sided Room Divider

Technical Specifications - Single-sided Room Divider

Double-sided Room Divider

Technical Specifications - Double-sided Room Divider

Acoustic Room Divider

The acoustic room divider, like Room Divider – Emerald Memory II, is designed with special foam filling to help reduce noise in your home. This makes it an excellent choice for creating a quiet and peaceful environment, perfect for home offices or study areas.

Technical Specifications - Acoustic Room Divider

Get Inspired with Room Divider Ideas

When selecting a divider with a beautiful motif like Room Divider – Emerald Memory II, you can be sure that it’s not only a pretty decoration but also a high-quality product. Folding room dividers like Room Divider – Emerald Memory II are available in two versions consisting of three or five parts, which means that no matter what space you want to separate and adorn, such a screen will fit in perfectly. A wooden, durable frame makes the whole divider a firm and sturdy element of decoration, despite the impression that it’s a delicate screen. Metal hinges make it possible to fold the screen as often as you need without the risk of it breaking down. Folding room dividers like Room Divider – Emerald Memory II are also magnificent and beautiful with their high-quality prints on non-woven fabric with care for every detail. A satin ribbon makes the whole screen even more unique, timeless, and beautiful. Get inspired by these ideas and create a spectacular space in your home.

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3 Jun 2023
Fabulous service. Changed my order a day later and got a lovely message straight back to say no problem at all. Arrived safely. It’s beautiful. Room divider. Very pleased.
Date of experience: 31 May 2023

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