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Discover Our Resistant, Water-Rejecting and Scratch-Proof Fleece Wallpaper. One roll is 0.5m x 10m which is approx. 3.5m2.
120 g / m² Thickness.

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Resistant, Water-Rejecting and Scratch-Proof Fleece Wallpaper “Wallpaper – White tree”.

Wallpaper “Wallpaper – White tree” with the inspiring motive will be an effective eye-catch for each interior. Fleece wallpapers are attached to the wall with special glue. They can be installed in each room even in the bath or in the kitchen.

Fleece Wallpaper, halfmatte coating. 100% fleece – covers small unevenness of the wall. It creates a thermal insulation layer and allows the walls to breathe. Water resistant printing is very durable.

High-quality printing
Digital quality printing with a resolution of up to 600 dpi in unique technology as well as vibrant colours makes that the fleece wallpaper fills your interior and enlarges it.

Easy installation
The wallpaper consists of strips, which are convenient in assembling, with a width of 50cm.

Ecological and safe
Using safe materials, we can recommend our patterns also for the bedroom as well as for the room of your children.

Safe packaging
The wallpaper is rolled in and brand new packed from the factory into a rigid cardboard, which guarantees safety in the transportation. Each cardboard with the wallpaper contains an installation instruction.

Take a look how to install the “Wallpaper – White tree” wall mural step by step.

Download the instruction

Grammage: 120g/sqm
Width of 1 roll: 50cm
Printing technique: laser (thermally-hardened printing)

Part sizes:
50×1000 cm: 50×100 cm, 50×100 cm, 50×100 cm, 50×100 cm, 50×100 cm, 50×100 cm, 50×100 cm, 50×100 cm, 50×100 cm, 50×100 cm

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